The Children’s Studio: A New Space for Yoga and Art in Vancouver

I am so excited about Josephine Chan’s new studio space opening in October in Vancouver, BC: The Children’s Studio. Josephine’s vision is for a space for kids to explore music, stories, games, breathwork and art to build body- and self-awareness. She understands that everything can be yoga when infused with values of exploration, patience, kindness, and compassion. I met Josephine when I was teaching yoga at the Montessori preschool where she worked, and was immediately inspired and awed by her effortless ability to connect with and inspire children. I highly recommend her classes. Check out her web site for her latest schedule.

Keep your eyes open for classes for big kids (aka adults) too. You’ll find trainings and workshops on sharing yoga with young people, all-ages Yogadance and Community Yoga classes, and intimate yoga classes designed to meet participants’ unique and individual needs. I’m so excited and honoured to be a part of what I know will grow to be a connected and supportive community – a yoga home for us all!

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