95-Hour Kids’ Yoga Teacher Training

95-hour Kids' Yoga Teacher Training
Kids’ Yoga Teacher Training

Upcoming Training Dates: 

SUMMER 2020: July 6 – 19, $1875

Register at: sempervivayoga.com

“The most enlightening, blissful 95 hours I’ve experienced! I’ve just started with school year integrating yoga in my classroom, with TREMENDOUS results!” ~ J.C. Early Child Educator

For educators, parents, health professionals, yoga teachers and anyone who would like to share the joy of yoga with young people.

Discover the fine art and science of teaching yoga to young people. In this 95-hour training, I will share the most up-to-date educational and developmental research and theory, and how it relates to the ancient practice of yoga. In this experiential training, you will explore developmentally-appropriate yoga practices that can be used to foster physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and spiritual well-being for preschoolers to adolescents. Get to know your own inner teacher, and learn strategies for helping young people uncover their own.

Learn practices and skills to support your own well-being so that you can thrive as a teacher and avoid burnout. Discover effective instructional techniques, and how challenges can be turned into opportunities for learning and growth. We’ll cover tips and techniques for creating a positive class environment and keeping students inspired and engaged. Help young people develop life-enhancing skills by introducing practices and wisdom to nurture patience, compassion and bliss.

We will explore how physical poses, breathing exercises, mindfulness and meditation practices, relaxation techniques, and traditional yogic and Ayurvedic wisdom can be adapted for different developmental periods, identifying which practices may be most beneficial and which to avoid. Discover how the body changes over time, and how yoga can provide support as the body changes. Learn yoga-influenced songs, stories, games, and artwork to inspire young people.

Gain hands-on experience teaching yoga to kids and receive expert feedback from skilled Registered Children Yoga Teachers. Several guest teachers will share their experience and wisdom. You will leave with a manual filled with age-appropriate teaching techniques and yoga activities for young people ages 3-18, as well as a full curriculum of lesson plans that you have created for your own personal teaching context.

Get ready for a magical and transformative week! This training will help you uncover the creative and playful child that lies within you. Connecting with this aspect of yourself can be a joyous and healing journey. It will provide you with unending inspiration, and keep you young in body, mind, and spirit.

To register go to: http://www.semperviva.com/teacher-training/registration/kids-yoga

Click here for answers to FAQs about the training.

 “I think all adults need kids’ yoga …to be honored in their own innocence and fears.” ~ L.P.

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