95-Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

95-hour Kids' Yoga Teacher Training


CComing January 202


Part-time teacher training in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Location to be announced. Contact me to apply. Space is limited to ensure training quality.

Dates: Jan. 28 – 30, Feb. 25 – 27, April 1 – 3, April 29 to May 1

“The most enlightening, blissful 95 hours I’ve experienced! I’ve just started with school year integrating yoga in my classroom, with TREMENDOUS results!”

Josephine Chan, Early Child Educator

For educators, parents, health professionals, yoga teachers and anyone who would like to share the joy of yoga with young people.

Our trauma-informed training integrates the latest research in developmental science and yoga with traditional yogic wisdom. Taught by experienced children’s yoga teachers with degrees in education and child development, this journey across the ages explores practices inspired by yoga and mindfulness to foster physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and spiritual well-being in young people ages 3 to 18. You’ll also gain practices and skills to support your own well-being so that you can thrive as a teacher and avoid burnout. 

Learn effective instructional techniques to create inclusive and engaging classes to meet the needs of all of your students. You’ll discover how challenges can be turned into opportunities for learning and growth. We’ll cover tips and techniques for creating a positive class environment and keeping students inspired and engaged.  Learn how to create classes that are safer for people who have experienced trauma. Help young people develop life-enhancing skills such as self-awareness, patience, compassion, and joy. We will explore how physical poses, breathing exercises, mindfulness and meditation practices, relaxation techniques, and traditional yogic wisdom can be adapted for different developmental periods, identifying which practices may be most beneficial and which to avoid. You’ll also learn yoga-influenced songs, stories, games, and dance, and artwork to inspire young people.

Gain hands-on experience teaching yoga to kids and receive expert feedback from skilled Registered Children Yoga Teachers. You will leave with a manual filled with age-appropriate teaching techniques and yoga activities for young people ages 3-18, as well as a full curriculum of lesson plans that you have created for your own personal teaching context. 

Get ready for a magical and transformative journey! This training will help you uncover the creative and playful child that lies within you. Connecting with this aspect of yourself can be a joyous and healing journey. It will provide you with unending inspiration, and keep you young in body, mind, and spirit


Part 1: Yoga Play

Dive in to a creative, play-based approach to sharing yoga with children ages 3 and up. You will gain skills to create inspiring yoga classes that introduce children to the foundations of yoga through stories, song, creative movement, and art. You will also learn how you can support self-regulation and healthy development in early childhood through play-based yoga.

Part 2: Mindful Movement

Building on the foundation of Part 1, we will delve deeper into how yoga and mindfulness practices can be adapted for children ages 6 to 13. Learn how to support healthy alignment and teach yoga postures safely. Discover how yoga games can support social and emotional learning. Learn creative ways to integrate themes from traditional yogic wisdom into your classes. We will also study how to support self-regulation and healthy development in middle childhood and early adolescence through yoga and mindfulness practices.

Part 3: Yoga for Teens and Trauma-Informed Practice

Adolescence can be one of the most stressful times of life. It is also a time when the body is especially affected by stress. Learn yoga sequences, mindfulness practices, and meditations to support stress reduction and to balance the nervous system. You will also gain skills in creating trauma-informed yoga classes to create safer classes for young people who have experienced trauma. 

Part 4: Family and Community Yoga

You will integrate all of the learnings throughout the course to build mixed-aged classes that support individual needs and capabilities. These fun-filled classes offer people of all ages the opportunity to connect, reflect, and restore through yoga. Learn how to introduce partner and group poses safely. Nourish family connection and harmony through mindful parenting practices and social and emotional learning.

Click here for answers to FAQs about the training.


 “I think all adults need kids’ yoga …to be honored in their own innocence and fears.”

Linda Dao, Special Education Assistant

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