Course Components


Savasana with Breathing Buddies

Week 1: Kids’ Yoga Foundations – Yoga Play

We begin with the foundations for sharing yoga with young people of all ages.

You’ll learn:

  • Tips for connecting authentically with kids, keeping them engaged, and positively addressing challenges that arise.
  • Elements of Kids’ Yoga: Safe and simple practices appropriate for people of all-ages, including: creative movement and simple asana, basic breathing and relaxation practices, and pre-mindfulness practices (sensory-based practices to prepare kids for mindfulness and meditation practices).
  • Yoga-inspired stories, games, songs, and dance
  • Simple sequences.
  • Early and middle childhood development (ages 3 – 10): physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and energetic.
  • Anatomy exploration: How to awaken self-awareness and teach kids about their bodies.
  • Self-care practices so you can be your best you!


Week 2: Fundamentals for Kids’ Yoga Teachers

 Now that you have a solid foundation, Week 2 will get into the “nitty gritty” of teaching yoga to children and adolescents. Here we’ll get more specific about anatomy, planning your own sequences, alignment, and teaching more complicated poses. You’ll learn techniques for making yoga and mindfulness practices safe and engaging as young people’s minds and bodies rapidly change through puberty and beyond. Learn how to adapt yoga and mindfulness practices for specific populations and contexts.  It includes a Community Yoga class for people ages 5 and up in which participants will have the opportunity to teach if they choose.

Week 2 includes:
  • Building your own sequences and safe sequencing practices for different ages.

    Learning to teach advanced poses.
    Teaching Headstand
  • Teaching complex and challenging poses.
  • Tween and Teen development (ages 10 – 18).
  • Partner yoga.
  • Yoga for special populations.
  • Yoga in different contexts: yoga in schools, studios, after-school programs, yoga camps, and yoga parties.
  • Family and Community Yoga: Teaching mixed-age classes.
  • The energy body (koshas, chakras, nadis, and pranayama).
  • Daily practice teaching geared towards the age group of your choice.
  • The yoga of business.
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