Participant TestimonialsWhat do graduates of the training have to say about the program?

“I just want to take the time to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have taken a lot of courses in my soon to be 64 young years of life -, ECE, BA, M.ED, Doctorate program in developmental psychology, stress coach management and wellness training coach program, 200 hours yoga teacher training – but I have never learned as much and integrated knowledge as rapidly and peacefully as I have in your course. I have loved every minute of your well designed course, you are an exceptional teacher who inspired each and every one of us to bring yoga to children in the richest and most profound way that is possible. I feel so tremendously confident that I can bring yoga to life in our studios, school and clinic back home!!!!!” ~M.D. RYT, Occupational Therapist for Children with Special Needs, Grandparent, Founder of Stairway to Calm Yoga

“The training was amazing. You put together a very thorough course that carefully discussed child development, activity level considerations, sequencing and class structure which would be appropriate for the various children’s age groups.  The opportunity to learn from you teaching us as children, to gain experience practice teaching through the course, and learning from each other’s experiences were all great ways to instill the knowledge and skills you were sharing with us. The manual too is a fabulous resource.  Thank you so much for offering such a fantastic course!” ~ A.P., RYT

“This course has been truly incredible, miles beyond what I hoped for. I appreciate all of your hard work, passion, and generosity so much. For sharing your experiences, to writing such a thorough manual, to inviting other teachers to share their teaching and experiences, to inviting children to help us learn, to teaching us such a broad range of classes, to sharing all the lesson plans, to smiling each and every day and many times a day, to being encouraging yet so grounded in reality – thank-you for all those things and so many more.” R.P., RYT, Dance Instructor

“I would recommend this training to anyone wanting to share yoga/ mindfulness with young people. Not only is the information in the course pertinent and enlightening, but there is ample time to practice the exercises and Jacqueline is a living example of how this may be embodied.” ~ H.M., RYT

“I would highly recommend the KYTT to anyone….and everyone…..I really enjoyed the course and learned so much.  I also truly appreciated how I evolved over that week and what an honour and pleasure it was to spend

every day in such a positive, loving environment.  When I left, my first comment to my husband and children was that I cannot wait to sign up for more training!!” ~R.S., Kindergarten Teacher, Parent

“I loved the course and learned more than I expected. Not only do I feel confident in sharing what I learned, but I also feel excited! I also think this course is a great “how to be a parent” course. It really helps you put yourself in the child’s shoes.” ~ S.W., RYT

 “I think this training would be especially beneficial to all classroom teachers.” ~L.F.

“There were so many great aspects of the training:

·         variety of activities throughout the day

·         the resources – The manual is amazing!

·         the use of different teaching strategies

·         the balance between practical and theoretical

·         the opportunities to practice teaching

·         the modeling of good teaching

·         the field trip day!”

Much of the success of the course was because of you, Jacqueline.  You are an amazing positive teacher whose experiences, education, passion, knowledge and thoughtfulness make you the perfect person to teach KYTT.” ~A.E., Elementary School Teacher

“I loved that we got to do the practices as kids, and that you send us full lesson plan afterwards. This is really helpful to be able to stay very present in the activities and not worry about taking as many notes. The manual is invaluable… ideas, consolidated areas of study, and resources, etc. I LOVED that we got the opportunity to both practice teach each other in the classroom as well as kids and adult kids in our community classes:) I feel very lucky to have taken this training with you! You are a very real, kind, fun, approachable and incredible knowledgeable person. Thank you for sharing your heart and your gift with us. I feel beyond lucky to have you as a teacher and a resource!”  ~ C.M., RYT

“Your passion is so vivid in the way you move and speak and you have an incomparable effortlessness in the way you teach.  It is so clear that you have found your Dharma, and whether someone plans on teaching kids or not, I strongly feel they would benefit from this training if only to observe you doing what you do!  The training offered a comprehensive overlook in the “technicalities” of teaching Kids Yoga and presented it in a very hands on way. I never once felt bogged down by information, and, although we absolutely received an incredible amount of information, it felt like it was being given to us in a way that was manageable and allowed the opportunity to process and absorb it.” ~H.W., RYT

“I would highly recommend the training to someone else. I found the whole experience life changing. Not only was it fun, but it was in a safe and loving environment that really allowed me to get more in touch with my inner child and explore my true self. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work that you are doing.” ~K.K.

“I would not hesitate to recommend this training to someone else. This training is indeed comprehensive, professional, accessible, affordable, and just plain awesome! You are the perfect person to lead this training, and Jo was outstanding as your assistant. You shared so liberally from your own practice, which is highly beneficial for those of us swimming in similar currents. You also widened the entire landscape of possibility for me. This is the best training I have ever partaken in, including my two graduate degrees!!!! I had more fun, and this training is both laced highly with theory as well as incredibly applicable work.” ~J.M., RYT, Therapist, Kids’ Yoga Teacher

“You are not only a wonderful person, that truly lives her yoga, but you are also most resourceful. Your teaching is foundational, backed up with lots of science and even more experience, and I love your sense of humour.” ~M.L., RYT

“I found learning the different teaching methods and practices for each age group so important. When teaching to kids, it just doesn’t work trying to teach them the same way you teach to adults…everything is so different, bodies, minds, emotions, etc. so it makes sense you would teach differently.You are a great teacher! Your spark and enthusiasm for teaching Kids Yoga is so inspiring. I look forward to taking future classes with you. I love that you have opened the communication channels to your students for the future and not just for the class time. It is so nice to know we have support from an experienced resource!!” ~D.R., RYT, Parent

“Thank you so very much! You shared so much great info – great resources, great supportive environment, great balance of discussion, doing, and teaching. Every parent should take this course to help them understand children’s developmental phases. You certainly have found a profound way of sharing and giving back. This is making such a positive impact.” ~ RYT, Grandparent

“Thank you so much for all of the passion, energy, and wisdom over the past two weeks! I have learned so much and had so much fun! I feel truly blessed to have had you as a teacher.” ~ P.E., RYT, Riding Instructor

“Thank you for “holding space” for all of us to re-connect with our inner child, and to inspire and be inspired by each other! I’ll definitely never forget our experience. I find myself referring to your manual most often – easy to navigate, very convenient to carry around in e-form, grounded in research and yet practical enough for your target audience, comprehensive without being overly exhaustive, and yet offering lots of references and suggested resources for further depth. I love it!” ~M.C., RYT and Counsellor

“I honestly found ALL of it useful and enjoyable. I truly, truly LOVED this training. I have brought so much of it home and into my life and family this week already and really plan to use it all and teach especially the mindfulness to my own kids and husband and keep practicing more and more myself.” ~A.S., Parent

“I LOVED the Yoga Dance. And the Family class was soooo fun!! The 2 public classes, the field trip, the meditation you gave us, the yoga dance, the other teachers… and every thing you said and shared! I got so much from this training! Your smiles, your generosity, your quality of presence, your patience and your expertise inspired me!! Everyday I was looking forward for a new “training day.” I feel privileged that I was a part of it. MERCI POUR LA MERVEILLEUSE FORMATION DE 14 JOURS… JE N’AURAIS PU EN DEMANDER PLUS!! TU ES UNE PERLE!! ~ M.D., Elementary School Teacher

“Thank you Jacqueline, it was an awesome wonderful, fantastic, sparkling, magical and sometimes challenging journey through the ages and I enjoyed every minute of it.”

~N.S., RYT

“This training has benefitted my relationships and the way I experience life. I would recommend this course to anyone! Even if you do not plan on teaching, you will still learn so much about yourself. This training has allowed myself to observe my reactions from a distance. Noticing that all of the memories from childhood affect my interactions. Allowing me to step back and think mindfully before I speak.” ~RYT

“What I will take away the most is really giving the kids the choice and opportunity to explore their bodies, minds, and feelings and to discover for themselves what yoga means for them personally. To be more of a guide than a “teacher.” The two weeks flew by. So informative, never bored. But I feel like we just scratched the surface even with all that you covered. The more you know/learn, the more you realize there is to know/learn!! So grateful for this experience. I don’t want it to be over. You are such an inspiration, Jacquie. I am so happy to have met you. You are a beautiful person and this is truly your dharma.” ~ V.P., Kids’ Yoga Teacher

“The concept of having two modules worked super for myself, setting the foundations first and then going deeper. I wish there was even more time because Kids’ Yoga is much more complex than teaching adult yoga. It was great [to have past participants as guest teachers] to see how others integrate what they learned from the course. I loved the applied anatomy because it is way easier for me to understand and integrate it in this way. Also, little pieces at a time instead of one big lecture is helpful for myself. I’m usually one of those people who feels the urge to write down everything exactly – it really helped that the training is so experiential so I could let go of the need to “know everything” but rather learn through experience. You provided me a time of ups and downs but soooooooo wonderful. I actually developed so much myself during those two weeks and you made it happen.” ~ A.H., RYT

What did you find most useful and enjoyable? “Playing the games and songs that tend to resonate with the kids  – it’s very different than simply reading about them or hearing about them. I feel that I have a better grasp of physical developmental stages, emotional and social, for each age group than I did pre-training. Also the emphasis on self care! Yoga nidra was awesome.” ~RYT

“Just wanted to let you know I wasn’t very sure if this training was right for me, but I followed my heart and it all was a wonderful experience! I feel very thankful and I’m sure I am exactly where I should be. You made me feel all the time that I can do everything in my own way. That freedom inspired my creativity, knowing there’s not one right way of doing this. Thank you for encouraging us as the individual human beings we are in our own way.” ~RYT

“I feel so inspired by Jacqueline and Josephine’s approach to kids’ yoga and the way you so obviously believe in yoga for kids and love the kids also. Most useful: practical advice, not just for special situations but also for every day class (e.g. clear the space, incorporating all necessary elements to make a class ‘work’ and ‘flow’ even if the class is short). Also the reminder that the students can and should help to shape the class, i.e., it’s good to ask them. Most enjoyable: being in a safe, non-judgmental environment to try things out and experience a class in the way the kids would rather than through our adult-tinted glasses.”

“Thank you for your beautiful energy and your inspiring course which has lead me to connect with such a wonderful group of people, and perhaps more importantly, with myself.” ~R.J., Neurophysiologist

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