The Manual

“I find myself referring to Jacqueline’s manual most often – easy to navigate, very convenient to carry around in e-form, grounded in research and yet practical enough for your target audience, comprehensive without being overly exhaustive, and yet offering lots of references and suggested resources for further depth. I love it!”  ~ M.C., RYT and Counsellor

Savasana Castles with Guided Visualization
Savasana Castles with Guided Visualization

Jacqueline Maloney has written a comprehensive, 200+ page manual that integrates the wisdom of the contemplative traditions of yoga and mindfulness with the latest theory and  research on human development and learning. See the table of contents here.

Everyone who takes part in the 95-hour training receives a free ebook of the manual. Jacqueline is ever-updating her manual to reflect the latest research on contemplative practices and development. Anyone who has taken part in her 95-hour training also receives free copies of the latest edition.

In addition to her own manual, Jacqueline uses supplementary texts in her training, such as:


“Your manual is awesome. Like Bernie Clark, I really like the way you integrate this ancient practice with contemporary science.” ~A.L., Drama, Literature, and Speech Instructor for children and adolescents

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