Let Your Yoga Dance

Let Your Yoga Dance

Need more joy in your life? Let Your Yoga Dance is joy embodied! It celebrates the dancer in every body. It connects mind, body, and spirit while promoting strength, flexibility, and positive mental health – a healthy, happy you! In a Let Your Yoga Dance class, we use yoga and self-expressive dance to systematically work through every inch of the body. We use movement to work through physical, emotional, psychological, and creative blockages. Get your groove on and your heart pumping to inspiring music while strengthening and lengthening your muscles. Yogadance encourages inner exploration and self-expression. Find freedom in your body and unleash your creativity. No yoga or dance experience is necessary! All abilities and every body welcome. Yogadance can also be done seated and lying down.


My teacher Megha Nancy Buttenheim, founder of Let Your Yoga Dance, beautifully describes a Yogadance class:

“Yogadance is a chakra dance explosion. Seven energy centers provide the basis for this dance of yoga. Through inspiring music, we feel the grounding force of the first earthen chakra in our feet, legs, and tailbones. We spiral up through the senses to the sacrum and pelvis, our second chakra, dancing the pleasurable. We travel still farther, experiencing the third center of power, strength and solar energy. We are unconquerable in our warrior selves. In the center of the heart, we dance healing and loving kindness out to the world. We then blast into the fifth chakra with sweaty intensity, streaming across the room with unbridled bliss. Now we quiet down into the dance meditation of the sixth energy center, gently inviting our wild expressions back home to our cores. We gift back to ourselves all that we have given out throughout our lives. We find the unvoiced expression of our bodies, minds and spirits. In the seventh chakra, we move more slowly still into meditation and deep relaxation. We feel the pulse of our hearts, the bliss of our spirits, and the grounding support of mother earth beneath us. We conclude by sitting still together in a sacred circle. Refreshed, rejunenated, at home in the self. Profoundly new.”


You will experience uplifting music from across genres, ranging from the quiet and contemplative, to rowdy and revolutionary, to pumping party jams. Different types of music encourage us to explore different types of movement. You’ll be sure to hear some old favourites and be introduced to new ones. Suggestions are always welcome!

Sample Songs

Centre by Alysha Brilla

Evolution by Cinematic Orchestra

Offering by Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass

Tightrope by Janelle Monae

It’s My Way by Buffy Sainte Marie

Walkabout by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Better When I’m Dancin’ by Meghan Trainor

Straight to Memphis by Club des Belugas

My Style by the Black Eyed Peas

Cello Gonzales by Chilly Gonzales

Throes by Half Moon Run

I Wish I Was the Moon by Neko Case

In the Beginning by K’naan

Lose Control by Missy Elliot

Wanna Be Startin’ Something’ by Michael Jackson

Uprising by Muse

Love Today by MIKA

We Are People by Snatam Kaur

Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti and Spearhead

Lose Yourself to Dance by Daft Punk

Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake

Never Give Up by Sia

This Is Me by Keala Settle and The Greatest Showman Ensemble

Shankara Shiva by Krista Luna Ray

He Ma Durgha by Donna deLory

Cello Suite No. 6 by Bach

affirmation III by Prince

Ascension by Steven Halpern



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