Community Yoga: Teaching Mixed-Aged Classes

Family Yoga

In this weekend-long workshop, learn how to teach mixed-age community classes where children and adults can relinquish their roles and authentically connect with one another. Learn yoga and mindfulness-based activities that are accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Discover ways to help people develop healthy relationships with those they love through exercises to develop communication, cooperation, compassion, and patience.

Community yoga (sometimes called Family Yoga)  is one of my favourite types of yoga to teach. It is profoundly moving to watch people develop deep and meaningful connections with their loved ones over the space of a few hours. Community yoga is also one of the most challenging types of classes to teach because of the array of ages, sizes, abilities, and enthusiasm that enters the room. Teaching community yoga is a whole different ball game than teaching adult or children’s yoga classes. Learn the intricacies of this amazing practice.

Having a solid foundation in yoga is highly recommended for attending this workshop. We will end the weekend with a community yoga class for you to invite your friends and loved ones to come and play and connect. This event will be open to people ages five and up. No yoga experience is necessary to attend the community yoga class.



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