Yoga Games and Stories

Yoga Games and Stories

Learn games and stories to amp up the fun and enthusiasm for yoga. These activities are perfect for yoga classes, camps, birthday parties, and school settings.

Yoga games and stories increase the fun factor. When we experience fun, the brain produces neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine, which increase attention and motivation, priming the brain for learning. Games and stories also give children opportunities to use executive functions such as self-control, patience, and problem solving, as well as engaging working memory and encouraging creativity. Yoga stories are an engaging way to practice literacy skills through kinaesthetic learning. Games and stories provide opportunities to develop social skills such as cooperation and turn-taking. They can also provide the framework for learning and practicing the yamas and niyamas, such as satya (honesty), ahimsa (non-harming), and tapas (self-discipline).

You will leave with more than 50 yoga and mindfulness-based games. I will also provide you with sample yoga stories and the skills to create your own yoga stories.

This workshop is offered in half-day or day-long formats. It can be tailored towards early childhood or elementary-school aged children. Some previous experience with yoga is helpful, but not necessary to attend the workshop.


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