Ayurvedic Yoga

There is no one-size-fits-all yoga. Ayurvedic Yoga is an individualized approach to yoga that takes into account your personal constitution, your environment, the time of day, and the season. Specific yoga poses, breathing exercises, and meditation practices are suggested to help you find balance given your current quality of mind, body, & spirit.

Private Sessions: A minimum two-session commitment is required. The first 90-minute session includesNeck Support in Restorative Backbend a consultation and balancing practice to identify which yogic practices may be most helpful for you at the present time. For the second 60-minute session, I will create an individualized practice plan for you based on our first meeting. We will go through the practice together, and you will receive an audio recording of the practice and a document outlining the practice to take with you so that you can practice at home on your own. Subsequent sessions will continue to build on this initial practice, adjusting it based on your experience with the practice, your changing needs, and the changing seasons.

Cost: $100/ 60-minute session. The 30-minute consultation in the first session is complimentary (no charge).

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